Playtime Is the Perfect Time to Work on Child's Early Language Skills

Bring your child to a Mommy and Me class in Galloway, NJ

Learning should be an enjoyable experience for kids, especially those who haven't developed easy language skills yet. At Speech & Beyond LLC in Galloway, NJ, parents can encourage their children's language development by participating in Mommy and Me classes.

These classes are led by a certified teacher, who has set up activities for children 6 months- 4 years old. The activities might seem like pure fun, but they're actually designed to help kids follow directions, follow a routine and development early language skills.

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A bonding experience for everyone

Mommy and Me classes aren't just fun for the kids - we encourage parents to participate in the activities with their children. During our classes, we...

  • Read books with a fun theme
  • Sing, dance and do other movement activities
  • Get to know each other to build future friendships

Reach out today to find out how these fun activities can help with early language development.