Occupational Therapy


Help Your Child Gain Confidence and Independence

Arrange for pediatric occupational and sensory integration therapy services in Galloway, NJ

Reaching for toys, picking up small objects and eating with utensils are a few of the many milestones that children are supposed to reach by a certain age. If your child struggles with tasks that their peers don't, or if your child skipped certain milestones altogether, occupational therapy could help them catch up, developmentally speaking.

Speech & Beyond provides one-on-one and small group occupational therapy services in Galloway, NJ. To find out if your child is a good fit for our program, call 609-431-0427 now.

Ask us anything about occupational therapy

During your free consultation, an occupational therapist will answer any questions you have and give you details about our occupational therapy services. In general, we focus on...

  • Sensory integration, to introduce unfamiliar textures in a fun way
  • Gross motor skills, to help control full-body movements
  • Fine motor skills, to help control hand movements

Sensory integration activities could help your child overcome their fear of certain textures and surfaces. Reach out today to find out if your child could benefit from occupational therapy in Galloway, NJ.