Social Groups & Clubs


Socialization Stems Natural Development

Check out our social skills groups for kids in Galloway, NJ

Children learn best when they're in an environment that encourages curiosity and interaction. That's why Speech & Beyond offers social clubs and skills groups for kids in Galloway, NJ. These groups are designed to give your child hands-on playtime while learning to use their language skills to work as a team.

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Cool kid's clubs

Speech & Beyond offers several social skills groups for kids, including:

  • Lego club: Follow directions, build creations and learn to work as part of a team. These sessions will focus on helping small groups of children converse and work together through social skills learning activities, games and group Lego building projects.
  • Craft club: For a combination of social skills and fun. Children will work as a team to make a group craft item. This item will show a final masterpiece combining each child's creativity. Each child will also make their own art project to bring home!

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